Sunday, February 15, 2015

Li Lash - Li Brow

For 8 weeks I have been using a product that stimulates eyelash and eyebrow growth... don't be skeptical until you try it! I have noticed a difference in the strength, thickness and length of my eyelashes. I also still had damage to my lashes from extensions, I felt like my eyelashes never made a comeback after that so this helped them get a boost so they look healthier! My eyebrows I am super excited about. I had the classic case of plucking too much so my eyebrow was slowly's a real girl problem. I used Li brow to grow back a lot of my eyebrow so I could reshape my eyebrow how I wanted it. Rather then carry on with my eyebrow from Jr. High.
The price of Li Lash and Li Brow is a little pricey. That is the only thing I'm not excited about. But it's a cheaper alternative to longer lashes than extensions, plus it doesn't damage them. Here's pics to prove it. No makeup, no editing, both taken early morning by my delightful husband. The lighting may vary but that is it! Notice the biggest thing it helped with is thickness.
 It is hard to tell the length of the lash but I notice it, and several people have asked me which mascara I use, I haven't switched but my lashes are just looking longer and full.
 Notice the brow on the left. The thickness at the beginning of the brow has improved significantly!
The fullness of both brow and eyelash are improved! Slow but steady!

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