Sunday, February 15, 2015

Li Lash - Li Brow

For 8 weeks I have been using a product that stimulates eyelash and eyebrow growth... don't be skeptical until you try it! I have noticed a difference in the strength, thickness and length of my eyelashes. I also still had damage to my lashes from extensions, I felt like my eyelashes never made a comeback after that so this helped them get a boost so they look healthier! My eyebrows I am super excited about. I had the classic case of plucking too much so my eyebrow was slowly's a real girl problem. I used Li brow to grow back a lot of my eyebrow so I could reshape my eyebrow how I wanted it. Rather then carry on with my eyebrow from Jr. High.
The price of Li Lash and Li Brow is a little pricey. That is the only thing I'm not excited about. But it's a cheaper alternative to longer lashes than extensions, plus it doesn't damage them. Here's pics to prove it. No makeup, no editing, both taken early morning by my delightful husband. The lighting may vary but that is it! Notice the biggest thing it helped with is thickness.
 It is hard to tell the length of the lash but I notice it, and several people have asked me which mascara I use, I haven't switched but my lashes are just looking longer and full.
 Notice the brow on the left. The thickness at the beginning of the brow has improved significantly!
The fullness of both brow and eyelash are improved! Slow but steady!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Holiday Highlights Part 2

December was a busy month!

  • Glen had finals.
  • First day of vacation I woke up with  a stomach flu from the devil. I didn't know flu's like that occurred in the U.S. Last time I was that sick I was in Cambodia and had eaten a meat sandwich....bad idea. 
  • We drove to Pocatello and spent time with Gary (G's Dad)  and his wife Lori, and Koy (G's bro). 
  • Olive bathes with her cousin Ivy
  • We went to Lava Hot Springs
  • We went to Idaho Falls to see Karly's (G's sister) new house! 
  • Olive gets so many presents that i'm slightly jealous :)

Lava Hot Springs. Olive LOVED splashing around.

Olive opening her presents from Grandpa Gary and Grandma Lori

 Lori & Olive

  • Left Pocatello Christmas Eve and headed down Tooele to see Grandma and Grandpa Bennion.
  • G&G Bennion have had quite a few health problems and major life changes in the last couple months, this visit was much needed on all ends! 
  • We were so glad and happy to spend time with them. It was a day we will always remember. 
 Grandma and Grandpa Bennion with Glen & Olive
 They love their great-grandchildren

  • Drive to Mapleton Christmas Eve night. We were so happy to see the Kelley's from Delaware and the Zolmans from Brigham City! 
  • It had been 6 months since we were all together.
  • I met baby Adelaide for the first time!
  • Christmas Eve I stay up too late finishing Christmas.
  • Christmas morning is the best kind of chaos.
 Camille and new baby Addie

 Olive wanting to start with presents!
 Olive bringing Grandma presents.

 Waiting with Papa Dave on the stairs to come down.

  • Olive turns 1! We celebrate and go sledding! 

  • Indoor surfing at Provo Beach Resort while Grandma and Papa watched the littles! It was full of tears of laughter and sadness, blood, bruises and many wipeouts! It was a blast! 
PC: Briana Kelley

  • We beat the cold and went to Provo Rec Center. We played in the water all night. It was a little chilly...cue Olive's blue lips, but it was SO fun!
  • We have family pictures taken with the Harlan Family.
  • The babies and adults cry because it's too cold.
  • The pictures turn out amaze balls.

  • New Years Eve we went to Uncle Grants. The kiddos played while the adults laughed and played ridiculous games. 
  • New Years Day we hit up the Dillards sale like usual. I love shopping. 

It was an amazing break! We love our friends and family that make 12+ hours of driving worth it! 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Olive's 1st Birthday

We were in Utah for Olive's 1st birthday. Due to the fact that she came the day after Christmas, Oh, and the fact that I was a bad, lazy, lazy mom we didn't give her the proper celebration! This called for a serious party to make up for the lack of. We celebrated with a few of our friends here in Yakima. We ate Swig Sugar Cookies, Italian sodas, Birthday Cake Popcorn, and Olive ate a cake, well more like played in a cake. Bytheway making cakes is super overrated and extremely hard. Like I would rather run a mile over make a cake like that again and that's saying a lot. I loathe running. I think I will vow to buy cakes from here on out. The cake was cute but was it worth 3 meltdowns over? ...possibly.
I'm supposed to write a post about how wonderful Olive is and how glad we are that she is apart of our family. But truth is i'm having a hard time wanting to talk good about her when all she has done is cry at my feet for 3 days. I'm so over this thing called teething. Who knew my sweet angel Olive would turn into a spawn of Satan. The whole day I spent making food and getting Olive's party ready while she screamed, if only she understood that I was ignoring her, FOR her!
She's a pretty big show off!
Despite the hardships and near insanity of teething I love my sweet, playful, brave, crazy, fun loving, friendly little diva. People are constantly saying to me how happy and friendly she is, that's what sticks out in her most. Example: We went to story time at the library and within 3 minutes of arriving she was already sitting in the story lady's lap. Didn't even have to warm up. I smell a possible kidnapping in later years...kidding. She is so smart. She knows her body parts and has started communicating so much the last month. She shakes her head yes and no for things she wants. Our lives are a lot easier when she can show me, and shake her head at me so I know what she wants! She recently has an obsession with kissing me. She thinks it's really funny and she literally kisses me 15 times over and over all over my face. Dance Parties: I made a resolution to dance more, not really good dancing but just crazy dancing with Olive randomly in the day. Olive has joined in. She stomps her feet and lifts her arms and giggles. It's the best. I can't believe how much she has changed my life. I'm so grateful for Miss Olive. She truly does bring me so much happiness, I didn't know it was possible to love a little human so much. The weird thing is my love keeps growing like a weed field, but love is a lot healthier for you than weed. Anyways, Glen was the hero on Monday because he brought home Olive the best present....dun dun dun A SLIDE! Here's some awesome pictures of our celebration.
 Olive checking her cake out!
Dad helps her blow out the candle and she digs in!
She resulted to rubbing it on her belly. Didn't take any bites, just bathed in it.

 Our cute friend Leah
 Our adorable friend Miss Roxy.
 Olive is super excited about the slide Dad brought home. Way to go DAD!

 More of our amazing friends, McKenna and Natalie.
Mom trying to help Olive open presents.
 most everyone!
 The After Party.
 She couldn't get enough of the slide.
 1 going on 13.
 Her dad tortures her. However he brings home slides so we still like him :)